Steamer Trunk Cooler April 24 2014

I had an old steamer trunk in the basement that someone was getting rid of. I thought I might do something with it but it sat around for a while. I was trying to come up with a design for a cooler when I came acrooss the trunk again. I insulated it with 2" foam, did some fancy copper work and added a drain. The cooler was filled with four cases of beer and 80lbs of ice... it was time to put it to the test. People were a little confused when they were looking for a cold drink and I directed them to the trunk. But when they opened that lid, they were surprised to see it was much more than a steamer trunk... Tons of compliments and it was a success! 
I decided that instead of pulling the old box apart to restore i would just build a new one. The wood I chose was reclaimed from a house that was built in the eighteen hundreds right here in Dutchess County, NY. It came from an old, private water tower mounted the roof of the house. I milled the large wood down myself and contructed the box. Once contructed, the box was coated with a UV and water protective poly. All the corners of this box were banded in 16oz copper and nailed every 1/4 inch with copper nails. It was lined with 1 1/2" foam and the inside of the box was wrapped in 16oz copper. A drain was added and we got a little fancier with the lid of the trunk. The box was also given brass caster wheels and a brass bottle opener.


Whether you're looking for something for your entertainment area or buying someone a gift, this is definitely a unique item and a conversation piece! 
Steamer Trunk Style Cooler made from Reclaimed Wood/Copper/Brass