Rolling Barn Door Style Reclaimed Wood Frame April 18 2014

I found these horseshoe door rollers in a pile off wood from our last barn we recovered. I was originally going to make another mirror hanging on the runners. Then while watching TV it came to me..
I milled the lumber down and cut the grove in the back for the TV, glued it and let sit. I took the rollers and the runner and gave them a very light sanding just to take the flaky rust off. I didn't want to remove all the great patina that was on them. I wiped them down with a damp rag and then used a spray poly to seal in all that goodness.
Copper straps were added to the back of the frame so that it would be secured to the wall so as not to add any pressure to the TV. The runner was mounted to a separate board. It was tucked in behind the rollers and then lifted into place and secured. It gives the appearance that it is actually hanging but all three pieces are secured separately.
This piece would look great in your living room, restaurant, hotel or any other spot going for a country or rustic look